7 Reasons why you need a Financial Advisor?

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Who needs a Financial Advisor?

The short answer is everyone!

During my interactions at training and financial literacy programmes, I frequently encounter the above question.

A robust financial health is a prerequisite for a happy and meaningful life; thus, financial advisors are critical, just like your family physician.

A financial advisor ensures that you maintain economic well-being at all times, securing a wholesome and holistic life.

Many people grapple with the question of whether to seek financial guidance or not, So today, I am enumerating a few occasions where having a financial advisor is essential.

1. Lack of expertise and Time

Money is an integral part of life and requires professional management.

If you are not a finance expert, or even if you are, but have paucity of time. It is best to hire a qualified financial advisor to have a worry-free financial life.


Key Life Events like Marriage, Divorce, Retirement, Switching jobs or places, etc, have financial costs & implications.

Such events, if not appropriately managed, can lead to stress, hardship or even trauma.

A qualified & trust-worthy financial advisor by your side can help make the sailing smooth.

3. Windfall or Sudden Increase in income

Sometimes people come across a large sum by winning the lottery or game shows or enter a high-paying profession like arts, sports, acting etc., earning handsomely.

However, many squander their earnings for lack of sound financial advice.

A financial advisor will help you balance your current aspirations and future goals without losing sight of reality.

4. Tax Structuring

Tax planning can be complex or cumbersome, especially if you deal with multiple income sources and own varied assets.

A financial advisor would leverage his knowledge and skill to optimize your tax liabilities, giving you peace of mind and saving your hard-earned money.

5. Inheritance

When you plan to bequeath your estate or when you receive an estate or assets in inheritance, it is often tedious to go through with numerous paperwork and official formalities.

A financial advisor will simplify the complex process and help you in both cases, whether you wish to pass on wealth to the next generation or if you have inherited an estate yourself.

6. Financial Freedom and Beyond

Everyone wishes to achieve financial freedom, and those who have, aspire to move towards sheer opulence and financial abundance.

A proficient financial advisor will ensure that you are on the right track in your journey towards financial freedom and beyond.

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7. Redesigning your life

A financial advisor will be a perfect friend and mentor if you plan to shift the gears of your life.

Whether it is changing professions, starting an entrepreneurial venture or any other dreams, an expert financial advisor will ensure that you assess your options stoically and have a detailed roadmap to follow through and succeed.

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The role of a good mentor, teacher or coach in the success story of individuals is well established.

The same goes for your finances; let an expert advisor help you to take control of your financial life.

It will relieve you of additional stress and free your precious time, which you can use to maximise your well-being.

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