At The Logical Advisor, our key goal is to help financial advisors, to grow and improve their practice. Our mission is to help a select group of service providers we truly believe in succeed and grow, through better methods of finding new opportunities, better ways of connecting with their prospects, and better ways of marketing themselves.

The Logical Advisor Consulting Service is designed to work with finance professionals who are interested in growing their firm by providing them a host of tools and services that help them sail through in these changing times. We ensure that they have the right people, process and value proposition to accomplish their goals.

Our services available include:
Coaching & Nurturing finance professionals.
Train the advisors to ensure that they take care of their existing clients in a meaningful way.
Help them make confident on adopting an investment process and have a story for them.
Provide them with systems to drive new business.
Help them put a team in place and lead the team effectively.

The Logical Advisor Consulting Program

Business Analysis

We start the engagement by leveraging best-in-class assessments and 1:1 interviews with the financial advisor and study the current business processes being followed by him

Client Connect

Most advisors do not have clarity on how and what to communicate to their clients. We educate advisors and ensure that they properly communicate with each and every client of theirs in a systematic way.

Wealth Management

We help advisors make a transition from being mere distributors of financial products to lay foundation for building a Wealth Management system that provides clarity to their value proposition.

Business Growth Analysis

Once advisors learn to have a system in place, we help them by adding a relationship management system, building a niche, and adopt a digital/content marketing system focused on acquiring new clients.


We continue to monitor, develop and re-advise financial advisors on changing market dynamics so that they never lag behind. We provide end-to-end solutions to keep advisors on the right track.

The Logical Advisor Programs

For Financial Advisors, we conduct a host of programs that focus on guiding them so that they can better understand their market, identify and find suitable solutions for them to ultimately make better, faster and more efficient decisions with regard to the needs of their businesses and, more importantly, their clients.

A Premier Program aims to empower financial advisors by making available a comprehensive and detailed directory of solutions and knowledge that fits their business needs.

Highlights of the Program

Dream Big, Set Goals & Take Action
Brand Building – What ‘A’ League Advisors do
Technology – Make or Break
Financial Planning
Model Portfolio Building
Client Management
Future Growth Verticals

IDP is a highly structured & informative program for financial advisors which engages them continuously on a yearly basis and helps them grow & succeed in their business.

Highlights of the Program

12 Months Business Development Program
Real time coaching on growing and scaling your business
Weekly pro-group series
In person retreat
Learn the Art of Consultative marketing
and much more