MOST Important Reasons to Create a Will

To ensure your assets are passed on to the right heirs

To execute your last wishes

To prevent family disputes

To ensure that law of the land doesn’t interferes in your asset distribution

You can disinherit individuals who would otherwise stand to inherit

Because tomorrow is not promised

Provides financial and legal support to your loved ones

Avoids complications and problems in the family

Ensures that physical, financial and digital assets are distributed as per your desires

Your Will serves as the legal guiding document for care of minor children in the event of the death of both parents

You will have a greater peace of mind

Writing a Will allows you to decide who will oversee and manage distribution of your assets

Benefits of Will Writing

Get your Will prepared in 3 easy steps

Choose your Will Package & pay

Step 1

Provide your details to our team

Step 2

Receive Will on your email in 5 working days

Step 3

How It Works

Step - 1

Tell us what you want in your will

  • Provide your basic information (personal & family details) in a simple manner
  • Share the details of each immovable, movable and business assets of yours.
  • Name your beneficiaries, executors & provide witness details
  • Our team will be there to help you for all data gathering

Step - 2

Your customised will is emailed to you

  • Prepared as per your requirements
  • Professional legal document as per Indian Laws
  • Full confidentiality, secrecy & security is maintained
  • Issues? Errors? Simply let us know for any correction that needs to be done in it.

Step - 3

You have to now make it official

  • Sign your will in the presence of two witnesses
  • Involve your Executor (s)
  • Inform your family about your will
  • Keep it Safe

Choose a Package

1 Will pack

Rs. 3000 + GST

3 Will pack

Rs. 8000 + GST

6 Will pack

Rs. 14000 + GST

10 Will pack

Rs. 20000 + GST

**Suitable for all Indian religions except Muslim religion followers due to the separate Sharia law applicability in such cases.

Why Us


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Customized Will Solution

Registration of a Will is not mandatory in India. However, Registering a will provides a legal support to the family when someone challenges the authenticity of the will and helps avoids possible disputes which may arise in the future. In case of any dispute about the validity of the will, this is of a great help.
The Logical Advisor offers Will registration service in major parts of India as a value addition service. Will registration is done at the office of sub-registrar of Assurances which is in the jurisdiction of the residence of the person who made the Will. The testator has to be personally present at the Sub-registrar’s office along with two witnesses on a common chosen date for will registration procedure.
Our service charge for will registration is Rs. 10,000/- per will (excluding GST). This includes cost of will-writing and registration both.


What is a will?

Will is a document (written or typed) by an individual about his/her wishes for distributing his/her properties /assets, wealth to family, relatives, others, charities etc. after his/her death. A Will should be signed in the presence of two witnesses to give a legal effect as per Indian laws.

What is the benefit of preparing a Will?

Preparing a will ensures that all your assets and properties are distributed as per your wishes after your death and it avoids any disputes/misunderstanding or any legal interference within the family. Also, if you wish to give more share to some of your relatives/heirs and want to ensure that certain person must not get any of your assets and properties, then will is the only effective document to do the same.

Individuals following Muslim religion may have to follow Sharia laws for succession of wealth instead of writing a Will. Our above mentioned Standard will is suitable for all Indian religions except Muslim religion followers due to the separate Sharia law applicability in such cases.

What will happen if I die without making a will?

When one dies without writing a Will, all your properties & assets are distributed as per Succession Laws applicable to your religion/personal law.

The succession laws have defined fixed proportion to be distributed to all/several family members which may not be as per your desires. It may lead to legal disputes and also in case of death without a will, litigation costs are also involved. The family gets entangled in legal issues which all can be simply avoided by getting your will prepared from The Logical Advisor team.

When Should I make a will?

We all have things worth protecting – whether it’s property, fixed deposits, mutual funds, stocks, art, jewelry or simply for peace of mind.  If you’re over 18 years old, are of sound mind and have legal capacity you should make a will. To have legal capacity to make a will, you must know that you are making a will, understand the nature and effect of the will and know that you are distributing your property according to your own wishes.

Do different religions have different succession laws?

There are different succession laws applicable as per the religion of the deceased person.

For example: the Hindu Succession Laws are applicable to Hindus, Indian Succession act is applicable to Parsis & Christians; and For Muslims it is as per the Sharia Laws

What information do I need to provide?

As you are making your will you are going to answer a series of simple questions.

  • Before starting you need to know the names and addresses of any people to whom you want to leave property, money or other items after your death.
  • You will also need to know the names and addresses of any people you want to name as executors. Executors are people who carry out the directions in you will, so they should be people you trust.
  • You will also need to have two witnesses of your choice who will be a witness to your will.

What does The Logical Advisor let me do?

Our will allows you to make choices about the following:

  • Who you want to administer your will.
  • What you want to happen to your property, money and any other items.
  • Who you want to care for your minor children, if you have any (in case of your untimely death).

What do I get?

Once you have made the payment and provided us with all the details, you will in next 5 days receive your ready-to-sign will as a pdf file on the email address you provide.

Be sure to read the included simple instructions for signing and storing your will to make sure that your will is valid and can be found when needed.

When should I not use this standard will of yours?

If these options meet your needs for a will that’s great! Start making your will whenever you’re ready. However if you feel that our options are too simple or don’t meet your needs then you require a special customized will or some other structure.

Please consider your circumstances and requirements for a will carefully. If you are unsure of what you need in your will it may be best to speak with our legal professionals. We provide legal consultancy on chargeable basis for which you can connect with us.

We understand that sometimes you might need to make complex arrangements in your will. While our customized will solution is just right for most people, if your personal circumstances or needs include the following, we suggest seeking professional legal advice from us:

  • Family trusts
  • Complex company arrangements; or
  • You want to create a testamentary trust

What are the benefits of Will Registration and is it mandatory?

Registration of Will is not mandatory. A Will signed by two witnesses is a Legal Will. However, one can register the Will at any point of time at your nearby-local Sub-Registrar’s office. To register a Will, maker of the Will has to personally visit along with two witnesses at the Registration Office and register their Will in the presence of the Sub-Registrar (Govt. Official) & two witnesses.

Registration of a will ensures that there are minimal chances of questioning the authenticity of the Will amongst the family/relatives.

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