Don’t miss this train, you will surely regret it!

Money Management

While glancing through the newspaper, I came across the above very informative and creative ad.

While the statistics are dismal, if looked at in isolation, I being an optimist like many others saw gigantic opportunities for everyone, be it investors, entrepreneurs, consumers or any individual.

Just compare the car ownership – India at 8% is no match for the US at 91.7%; however, with the Indian economy growing at a pace and with an expanding middle class, more and more people will be buying cars, thereby ensuring the growth of auto and allied sectors.

The same goes for other sectors be it banking & financial services or IT companies, or online platforms; they all are on a track of growth giving us once in a lifetime opportunity for wealth creation.

India is steadily taking its position on the world stage as an economic power, and many pundits are already predicting the next decade, or two will transform India into a global powerhouse.

We are already looking at some signs, G20 presidency and bold foreign policies.

With rising India, we too can raise our fortunes, provided we invest wisely preferably in association with a proficient financial advisor.

Don’t miss this train, you will surely regret it!



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