The Logical Advisor – boot camp for Kids & Teens employs unique learning techniques and provide appropriate context to students on the financial concepts. We don’t just teach teens on how to save and do budgeting…we teach them concepts, principles, habits, ideas and belief systems that will set them right on the financial freedom journey and give them a serious leg up on their peers.

The Kids & teenagers who are prepared and trained how to think, understand where their thoughts come from, educated that they are fully responsible for their lives and that through continually enlightening themselves and growing personally and professionally, they have a better chance of really enjoying their lives and making a bigger difference in the world.

The Logical Advisor program trains kids & teenagers in money management and wealth creation. Some of the learning’s which we impart are :

Understanding of self and how beliefs, thoughts & attitudes determine wealth potential
Creating the future through effective goal setting
Money is a tool to reach your dreams;
Developing the right financial habits
Pay yourself first: keep a portion of all you earn
Assets feed you; liabilities Eat you;
It is better to tell your money where to go than ask where it went;
Financial freedom is your choice, learn how to achieve it;
Save early and save often;
Creating financial freedom is a matter of developing the right habits
How to make, manage, & multiply money
It’s not how much money you make that’s important, it is how much money you keep
Don’t put all your financial eggs into one basket
Make money grow by putting it to work for you.