Unveiling the glittering world of tokenized gold

Money Management, Wealth Creation

💹 Innovations such as blockchains and ‘smart contracts’ are disrupting the traditional investment space by tokenizing different assets, from real estate to gold and silver.

Tokenization is transforming assets or other valuables into digital tokens that can then be transacted through blockchain technology.

Tokenized gold is a digital form of gold under ‘stable coins’ representing ownership of gold and directly pegged to real gold. Its prices are supposed to follow the underlying, i.e. gold.

The tokenized gold can be owned fractionally and bought by anyone over the Internet; it is stored and traded digitally using highly secure blockchains.

The yellow metal is a proven hedge against inflation, and in current global scenarios with declining fiat currencies, gold has been one of the most favoured assets.

While tokenized gold is backed by real gold, it comes with its own set of risks.

Changes in supply and demand on crypto exchanges can make tokenized gold more volatile than actual gold. If the token is not backed adequately with physical gold. In that case, it may lose its value rapidly, and most importantly, the values are also highly dependent upon the stability of firms and exchanges offering them.

Overall tokenized gold may seem an exciting new option, but it needs to earn its place as a viable alternative to physical gold, gold ETFs, Sovereign Gold Bonds etc.

One should enter this asset if one chooses to do so, only after proper due diligence and under the guidance of an expert.

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